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How To Apply

1.Please make sure that we have homestay for your school or location. Click HERE for current list of all schools and locations.

2. Select Fees and Costs to review placement & processing fees. These costs are based on the school you will attend.

3. Complete the Online Application and press "Submit Information" when finished. All the information requested is important, so please answer all questions.

4. Submit your one-time placement & processing fee (see Fees and Costs) by check or international money order (US$), made payable to "OvECS Ltd.".

5. Two (2) passport size photos for airport pickup and our file.

6. Flight / Arrival information for airport pickup (date & time of arrival, flight number).

Note 1: Oregon State University (Corvallis) student must take airport shuttle to Corvallis for pick up.

Note 2: University of Illinois (Urbana/Champaign) student, pick up is only available at Willard, the Champaign Airport. Any other airport, you must take shuttle to Urbana/Champaign.

Note 3: San Diego State University (San Diego) student, pick up is only available at San Diego International Airport. Any other airport, you must come to San Diego for pick up.

Please send all applications materials (we recommend that you send them via express mail) to:

OvECS Ltd.
625 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 202
Gilbert, AZ 85234 U.S.A.

7. When we receive your application, along with your placement and processing fee, we will immediately begin to look for a suitable host family for you. This process may take a few days to one week. We recommend you apply as soon as possible, this will help ensure the best placement for your individual needs. When a host family has been found, we immediately contact you by e-mail, fax, or mail, and provide you with detailed information about the home.

8. A refund cannot be made once we start to look for a host family; however, if an available host cannot be found, your placement and processing fees will be completely refunded to you.

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